You Can Trust Us to Provide Your Oral Surgery Solutions

You Can Trust Us to Provide Your Oral Surgery Solutions

Ask about implant retained dentures & dental implants in Surprise, AZ

Maintain a healthy bite with dental implants & implant retained dentures. When you have missing teeth, it can put unnecessary stress on your other permanent teeth. It can also affect the way you chew, swallow and speak.

Implant retained dentures & dental implants help preserve your gums and provide stability in your mouth. These dentures snap right into place so that you don’t have to worry all day about them slipping around as you talk or eat.

Our process for implant retained dentures is simple. To make sure that this option is a match for your needs, we’ll do x-rays to check that your bones are viable for the implants. 90% of patients qualify for the procedure. Recovery time after implantation is one to seven days, and usually depends on the individual.

To inquire about dental implants or to schedule an implant retained dentures consultation, call Dentistry At Greenway in Surprise, AZ today. Get ready to smile with confidence!

Professional wisdom teeth removal in West Valley

It’s important to have your wisdom teeth removed before they crowd the rest of your permanent teeth or lead to more serious oral problems. Our oral surgeon is highly recommended for this procedure and more—he even removed our general dentist’s wisdom teeth last summer.

Don’t worry about facing a painful procedure. We provide IV conscious sedation, so you will be in an awake but extremely relaxed state during the process. In fact, you won't feel or remember anything.

Call (623) 582-9622 to schedule your appointment with our West Valley oral surgeon today and rest assured that your wisdom teeth removal will be simple and stress-free.